A laminar flow cabinet is an enclosed box designed to prevent contamination of Chemicals, Pharmecutical samples, or any particle sensitive materials. In a laminar flow Air is drawn through a HEPA filter and blown in a very smooth way. The cabinet is made in such a way using high grade of stainless steel and constructed with cnc and nc machines for smooth edges and no gaps ensures collection of particles. Laminar flows can be both horizontal and vertical configurations. These cabinets have a UV – Germkill lamp for sterilization of cabinet before perfroming an operaion.

Specification & Features:

  • MOC: SS304, SS316 and SS316L or customized execution
  • Stand and worktable: SS304, SS316 and SS316L or customized execution
  • Back panel: SS304, SS316 and SS316L or customized execution
  • Side panel: Flushed glass
  • Pre-filter: EU-7
  • Final Filter: H-14
  • PAO port
  • Mechanical differential gauge across final filter
  • Ventilator
  • LED Light
  • Electrical control system with push button and indicators
  • Air flow visualization
  • Air Cleanliness Level ISO – 5
  • Noise Level: Less than 70db A when ambient is not more than 55db A
  • Air Velocity: 0.45mps (± 0.05mps)
  • Air Flow: Vertical
  • Light Intensity: 250-300 lux
  • Air flow visualization